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Synthetic Lubricants

For Thrust Collars, Trunnion Roller Shafts & Liners,and Roller Mill Bearings.

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Glycerine Glycerin is a neutral, colorless, thick liquid which freezes to a gummy paste and which has a high boiling point. Product Details
Q-Spray Multi-Purpose Spray Grease Q-Spray grease has special rust and corrosion inhibitors. It penetrates and adheres to surfaces, leaving a long lasting protective coating. Product Details
SGL-100 & SGL-100G Synthetic Lubricant 100% Synthetic lubricant that will outperform any petroleum base product known on the market today because it has a flat viscosity curve versus temperature. The polymer based blend has been designed in such a way to take high loads and high and low tem Product Details
SPA (17, 30, 46) Synthetic Lubricant The Quechem SPA line of products consists of polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stock which has been blended to produce a high performance synthetic lubricant. These lubricants are used in variety of applications and offer better performance at low and high oper Product Details
SPG (200 & 300) Synthetic Lubricant The SPG line of products consists of polyethylene Glycol base stock which has been blended to produce a high performance synthetic lubricant. Product Details
Synthetic Lubricant HTL-220 & HTL-320 Ask About Our HTL-220 & HTL-320 (also available as HTL-220G for pressurized pumping systems and as HTL-320G for non-pressurized pumping systems) Product Details
Synthetic Lubricant HTL-440 HTL Synthetic Series lubricants have been designed to lubricate and prevent extreme loading and high temperatures. For trunnion roller shafts and liners, thrust collars and roller mill bearings. Product Details
Synthetic Lubricant HTL-440G The HTL-440G is chemically similar to HTL-440 with the addition of a micronized synthetic graphite for adverse operating conditions. Product Details
TLA - Trunnion Lubricant Additive An additive that enhances the existing properties of your petroleum based trunnion roller lubricants, properties such as: corrosion inhibiting, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties. Product Details
TLA-G TLA-G uses the same formulation as TLA with the addition of a micronized synthetic graphite for extreme operating conditions. Product Details

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imageWRL-230Designed to increase the life and performance of wire ropes and cables. WRL-230 is a non-toxic, high viscosity lubricant with high fluid film strength and excellent adhesive properties.l. 

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