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Melting Lubrication Bar MLB-Ultra

Melting Lubrication Bar MLB-Ultra

  • MLB-ULTRA vaporizes at 239ºF (115ºC), safe up to 968ºF (520 ºC).
  • New fire retardant flash due to extremely high.
  • temperatures will not ignite at high temperatures.
MLB-ULTRA bars when used as directed will maintain the creep over a long period of time, more successfully than any other product on the market. MLB-ULTRA has been very successful where seized tyres have occurred by allowing creep to commence. Friction and wear is inevitable in kilns and dryers due to the slippage that occurs between the shell and the tyre. During the functioning of the equipment there is a constant potential for debris and gouging to occur between the sliding metal surfaces. Only through proper lubrication with melting lubrication bars can this friction and wear be properly reduced, thus extending the service life of the equipment and reducing unnecessary repairs, costly down time and consequently loss of production.
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MLB Brochure :: Melting  Lubrication Bars For Kilns & Dryers.
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Tech Sheet

MLB  Technical Sheet :: Melting  Lubrication Bars For Kilns & Dryers

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imageHTL-440Designed to lubricate and prevent extreme loading and high temperatures. For trunnion roller shafts and liners, thrust collars and roller mill bearings. .

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