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Melting Lubrication Bar MLB-HT

Melting Lubrication Bar MLB-HT

  • For Kilns, Melts and vaporizes at 234 F. (112C)
  • Safe up to 900 F. (482C)

MLB is a concentration of graphite and soft metals in a solid bar form. It is designed to melt and vaporize, leaving behind a dry lubricating film that prevents any direct metal to metal contact. The film composed of soft metals and a laminated film of graphite, will eventually give way to the harder surfaces of the kiln components. Therefore, re-application is required as defined in our frequency of lubrication chart to maintain creep and the lubricating film.

  • The easiest and most efficient method of lubrication. Simply insert between pads
  • between the tyre & shell. Adds years to the life of your Rotary Kiln or Dryers.
  • Reduces unscheduled maintenance shutdowns. Reduces wear to Filler bars, Stop blocks and Tyres.
  • Eliminates direct metal to metal contact. Leaves a dry lubricating film of graphite and soft metals.
  • Fills the pores of mating the surfaces.
  • Prolongs life of tyres and pads.
  • Maintains current creep for a longer period of time, when used as directed.


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MLB Brochure :: Melting  Lubrication Bars For Kilns & Dryers.
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Tech Sheet

MLB  Technical Sheet :: Melting  Lubrication Bars For Kilns & Dryers
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imageWRL-230Designed to increase the life and performance of wire ropes and cables. WRL-230 is a non-toxic, high viscosity lubricant with high fluid film strength and excellent adhesive properties.l. 

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